The creation of the Grand Theater Endowment Fund has been sponsored by DPS Penn.  Thank you DPS Penn!

The purpose of the Endowment is to create an investment fund, from which the interest and earnings can be used to cover operating costs like utilities and eventually staffing.  The interest and earnings can also be used for improvements and maintenance. The principal donations are intended not to be used and to grow the endowment to a level that makes the Grand Theater self sufficient.  The endowment funds are invested to result in the best return available with no risk to the principal balance.

20% of all memberships in "Friends of the Grand" go to the endowment fund, and the remaining 80% go to fund the current phase of the restoration.

Annual Memberships in "Friends of the Grand" are available.  Members receive invitations to special members only events, discounts on event tickets and other specials as determined.  Click here for information.