This page contains the current restoration updates of the Grand and special notations for those donating services to the restoration effort.  The most up to date info is posted on our Facebook page.

Current Update, as of November 2017:

   2016 Work includes:

Thank you to the JC Williams Trust; the Charles M Pugliese and Thelma M Pugliese Charitable Trust; Macy's and several individual donors for the Grants and donations that made the lobby restoration, office restoration and Front Facade restorations possible!

Here is a 1925 photo of the original facade this is our goal:



Grand Theater Restoration Project

1949 Dave Barnhouse "A Grand Night in Steubenville"

  121 South Fourth Street Steubenville OH

The overall mission of this project is to save, restore and promote historic downtown Steubenville so that we can all enjoy its 226+ years of history.  From its starting point at Historic Fort Steuben along the Ohio River, to the Mansions on North Fourth Street, shopping its historic storefronts downtown and dancing in the Grand Ballroom at the Fort Steuben Hotel, Steubenville has an amazingly rich and diverse history.  Everyone living in Steubenville or has ever lived or visited here should be able to enjoy what we have today. To save it for our children to enjoy and to have many fond memories of it as well

The restoration committee has spent considerable time and discussion on how the Grand will fit in with the use of the two existing auditorium facilities downtown, those being the Masonic Temple and Steubenville Big Redís auditoriums.  We all agree that we have beautiful facilities in both the Masonic Temple and Steubenville Big Red.  The Grand and the future Grand   Performing Arts   Center will be unique to downtown and to the entire area.  When you also include the Museum of Performing Arts that will utilize the left hand storefront as well as both floors of the Event Center, there is nothing like it here. 

The main auditorium is and will be unique and very ornate.  It is also a destination that will attract a lot of attention as a performing arts center. Both of these other auditoriums have been discussed several times, and together with the Grand can be used for many events.  We all agree that we have other space but we have nothing like the Grand.  The future of Steubenville depends on a vibrant downtown and an arts and cultural resurgence that cannot happen without a focal point like the Grand.

When the Fort was proposed, many brought forward the same argumentsÖ.we can't afford it, we have enough ....and so the story went.  But look at what folks have done.  A lot of vision for the future, fund raising, hard work, craftsmanship, dedication, etc went forth and today folks from far and wide come to see Fort Steuben!  We take a lot of pride in the Fort and many come to tour, and even more to enjoy the park every Thursday during the summer concerts, the annual festival in June and many other special times throughout the year.

We think it is way past time that we hold dear our history instead of always being so quick to tear things down.   Think of the railroad station, Stanton's home, the ornate Capitol and Paramount theatres.  Our goal is that we will all come together for the good of Steubenville , put pride back into the city, and see businesses coming back because of what we have to offer.  Itís time to save the Grand and let people have pride in our historic downtown once again.

We, who have a vision for the Grand, see the same end result.  In addition, many businesses have come forward with donations and the promise that "if we build it, they will come"....we hope you will too.