Donations with Name Address and Phone number can be mailed to the Grand Theater office at 121 South Fourth Street Steubenville Ohio 43952, payable to the Grand Theater Restoration Project.

You can also donate with a major credit card securely through PayPal with or without a PayPal account by clicking this link or calling Scott Dressel at 740-632-2899

Questions can be directed to

Our official name is the Steubenville Historic Landmarks Foundation we are a 501c3 non-profit.  This is what you will see when you click on the PayPal donation link.

Giving Levels:

Through a bequest or donation you can name a part of the Grand or the entire theater for yourself, a loved one or your business Named Giving Opportunities Click Here.

Diamond Circle $5000+   


Gold Circle $2500 to $4999.99


Silver Circle $1000 to $2499.99


Bronze $500 - $999.99


Seat Sponsorships Click Here  

Donors to the Grand Theater Restoration Project in alphabetical order (cash, grants and in-kind donations):

Donations, gifts and bequests to the Grand are tax deductible. 501c3 letter:  Grand 501c3.jpg (341867 bytes)

Consult your tax advisor for your specific situation.

A special thank you to our large and sustaining donors:

In addition to these noted as donating or giving a grant below, the City of Steubenville also was the administrator of a Grant of $96,700 from CORF (Clean Ohio Funds) for the asbestos abatement, and the Jefferson Regional Planning Commission spent $21,200 on the studies needed and the Grand Theater provided matching funds of $11,100 towards this project completed in 2012.

Total annual donations are found on our annual 990 filing, and with the State of Ohio Attorney Generals Office Charitable Division.

2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 Donor Name
    x         x    unnamed donation 2

unnamed donation 3

            x     Erin Aberli
            x x x

Michael Abernethy


Academy of Life Long Learning 


Susan & Mike Adams Market Street Pharmacy

            x     AEP Cardinal Operating Company 2012 Circus Supporting Sponsor
              x x

Ray Agresta Ace Optical - Cash and Auction Donation

            x     William Alexander

Stanely & Regetta Allen


Mary Jane Angel

                  Apex Environmental Art Auction Sponsorship and Clean Out Dumping Provided
                  Apollo Pro Clean - In Kind Mold Remediation and Auction Donations
x x x x x         Margaret Archangel, Pipe Organ Sponsor 2015, 16, 17, 18, give a sheet and restoration donations, with David Heck
x                 Ellen and Wendel Barner give a sheet
        x   x x x Jerry Barilla Frank & Jerry's Furniture - Cash and Auction Donations, and 2015 in Memory of Mary Carinci.

Mary & Geary Bates

              x   Bayberry House Bed and Breakfast - Rooms Donated for the Roofing Contractors and Auction Donation
              x   Beth McVay Interior Design - Auction Donation
              x   Big Red Football Package - Auction Donation
              x x

Rita E Biasi

    x             In Memory of Dorothy Dottie Birch for the pipe organ
Robert Birch by Bill and Barbara Sweeney

Bishop Musso Jr High Drama Club


Dorothy Blaner

                x Boich Companies Inc
                x Lou Ann Boris

Dorothy Bossert

x           x

Mary Alice Brandt

        x         Judith Brancazio, Susan & Robert Mchamara, Bridget Mchamara in memory of Mary Carinci

Betty Braun


Craig Brenman


Burke Security Systems


Nikki & James Cable


Tracy & Steve Campbell

      x     x

Russell & Joann Campbell, pipe organ sponsorship.


Agatha Carducci-Kuhn

  x x x x x x x x Francesca Carinci - Cash, Auction Donations, Food and Beverages, 2015 pipe organ donation, parade float.
        x         Cedar One Properties
            x x Center of Music & Art Carolyn & Jody Glaub - Auction Donation and Event Space 2011, Circus Sponsor 2012
x x x x x x x x x

Jim & Cheryl Chapman, sustaining sponsor and pipe organ sponsor.


Robert & Sharon Chapman


Darlene Colburn

        x x   x  

Larry R. Coleman


Mary Coleman

                x Emanuel "Mindy" Costanzo

John Criss

              x   William "Bill" Croskey - Lobby Carpet
            x   x

Ronald & Jane Crownover


Pamela M Cucarese

  x x           x

David E.& Sally D'Anniballe, Pipe Organ Sponsor


Karen D'Anniballe

x                 Jeffrey Darbee and Nancy Richie give a sheet
  x               Sharon Davidson

Deborah & Tom Dean

  x               Decaria Brothers Parmacies Inc

Vicki & Johnny Deleonardis The Ville Restaurant

  x               Vicki Deleonardis - pipe organ sponsor
      x           Dikec Family - Pipe Organ Donation
x x             x

Gerald N. DiLoretto

              x   Discovery Jewelers - Auction Donation

Mary Divich & Nada Harris


Kevin Doak

              x   DPS Penn $5000 - Established the Grand Endowment Fund
      x           Joe Donahue - pipe organ
  x               George and Beth Downes Jr, Pipe Organ Sponsor.
          x     x

Nick & Mary Drazich

          x x     Elizabeth Drazic with Janice Freeman 2013
    x x           Joseph and Audrey Dressel Pipe Organ Sponsor
            x x x

Scott Dressel - Bayberry Properties


Julia Dunlope


Dunlope-Shorac Funeral Homes, Sam Shorac

  x               Eastern Construction and Excavating Inc
  x               First Choice America
              x   Elite Fitness - Derek Ferguson - Auction Donation

Dale Featheringham - Featheringham Realty - Cash and Appraisal Services Donated


Lillian Ferguson

            x     Derek & Lisa Ferguson, donation of the Annex Building in 2012.

Sandra C Finn

          x       Dona Della-Penna Fisher
x               x

Patricia & Lawrence Fletcher, pipe organ sponsor.


Donald Fogle

              x x Francesca Carinci - In Kind Event Food, Auction Cake and In Kind Services
                  Kevin Friend & Tracy Friend Carpenter in memory of their Mother and Father Elmer and Audrey Friend donated the Grand Theater Wurlitzer back to the theater.
    x   x x   x x

Franciscan University of Steubenville

            x x Froehlich's Classic Corner, Greg and Debbie Froehlich - In Kind Fund Raiser Donations and Auction Space Donations
              x   Froggie Art Auction Sponsorship
    x           x

Stanley Gaston; Pipe organ sponsor


Lou Gentile

        x       x

Louis & Carmella Gentile, and 2015 in Memory of Mary Carinci

x x x x         x Jody & Carolyn Glaub

Thomas Graham Jefferson County Commissioner

      x           Jerry E Green Pipe Organ Sponsor
      x           Paula & Joseph Greer, Pipe Organ Sponsorship

Tony Guida - Guida Realty

  x x x x x x x x Alan & Barbara Hall, sustaining donor.
x x x             Lucy Hall
                x Jim & Tammy Hammer
              x x Marty, Donna, Paul and Marion Hauser - Hauser Furniture - Cash and Auction Donation
            x x x Herald Star - Brochures and Art Auction Sponsorship, Grand Night for Fashion 2012 and 2012 Brochures.
              x   Heritage Complete Home Health Care Beth Rupert-Warren - Auction Donation
x x x       x   x

Sue & Ed Hershey

              x   Hindman Family Company Security - Auction Donation
  x               Linda and Roger Hilty - pipe organ sponsor in memory of Millie Porreca
            x     Paul Hlivko

Holy Trinity Philoptochos Society

                x Grecian Food Festival - Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
              x   Fort Steuben Apartments - Event Space In Kind Donation
x   x x       x  

Donna Hrezo, pipe organ sponsorship in honor of Andrew & Harriet Hrezo's 53rd Anniversary.  Give a sheet 2018

      x           Huntington Theater Organ Project - Robert Edmunds set of pipes we were missing for the Wurlitzer.
x                 James Hyndman Pipe Organ Donation

Donna M Iachini

x   x   x x       Lisa Icuss, in memory of Geno Morelli Sr.
  x               Leslie Iccus Legal Hair and Day Spa Pipe Organ Sponsor

John & Judith Irvin


Gene Issac


Italian American Culture Club

        x         Keith Jackson in Memory Of Mary Carinci
          x       Michael Jacob
        x x   x   JC Williams Charitable Trust - $5000 Grant for Lobby Restoration 2011, $7500 for Anex Facade Restoration 2013, $20,000 for the Lobby, Office and Facade Restoration 2014 from the Esther Simmons Trust.
                x Jefferson County Landlords Association

Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee

        x         Ronda Jennings
                x Bill & Leeann Johnson

Robert "Mutt" Kessler Family Foundation

        x         Edgar & Virginia Keyser

Kiwanis of Steubenville

        x x x     Anna Knowles
                x Berna Kopras
        x         Anthony & Anna Krohn of Austrialia
              x   Kwik King Food Stores - Auction Donation
              x   Attorney David LaRue - Auction Donation

David & Darla Lalich D&D Property


Benjamin Leland

    x Richard Little, Pipe Organ Sponsor
      x x x x x  

Malvin F Lilly, pipe organ sponsor

    x             Rick and Maureen Gillespie Lovell, Pipe Organ Sponsor
              x   M&M Hardware Scott Campbell - Auction Donations
        x x x x x

Macy's Shop for a Cause through various donors, Macy's annually for the Grand Night for Holiday Fashion Event, Macy's 2014 for ticket window and office facade restoration.

  x               Dennis Madama pipe organ sponsor

Judy Manfred Manfred's

x                 Melanie C Mantos
            x     Carol Cronin Mason - Mason Color Works Inc., Circus Sponsor and Donation

Costa D. Mastos

  x         x     Mary & Vince McGinn, pipe organ sponsor.

Gerald & Joan McKeegan

              x   Lauttamus Security - Auction Donation

Laura Meeks Eastern Gateway Community College

    x x         x

John & Theresa Metcalf, pipe organ sponsorship.

            x     Marco Meyo

Cynthia Miller

    x             Richard Miller pipe organ sponsorship

Clyde Morelli

  x       x     x

Geno & Elizabeth Morelli, additional donation made in memory of Geno on 1/21/13 by Lisa Icuss. and 11/15/17 by Kirk Icuss Pipe Organ Sponsor.

x                 Janice Paulette Morrocco and Susan J Vadas Give-a-Sheet campaign
              x x

Dorothy Morton

                x Mosti Funeral Homes David, Marilyn and Jared Mosti
  x             x

Anthony Mougianis, Mougianis Enterprise Inc., pipe organ sponsor.

              x   Mountaineer Casino - Auction Donation
  x               Rosemary Murphy - Pipe Organ Sponsor
              x   National Gold and Silver Refinery - Auction Donations
              x   National Lube - Sam Orbovich - Auction Donation
  x               Eleanor Naylor, Barium & Chemicals, Inc. pipe organ sponsor.

Jane & Robert Neal

  x x x x x x x   Nelson Fine Arts - Auction Donation and built heating alcove surrounds for the lobby, Parade Float Construction, Framing Services for Museum Displays.  Front Facade Detail work reconstruction.
          x       In Honor of Janet G Niederhuber, my aunt, by Nancy Caracciolo Darian
x     x           Janet Niederhuber, Pipe Organ Sponsor; with Lori Anne Meyers give-a-sheet in 2018

Brian Noe

              x   Ohio Governor's Office of Appalachia, $30,000 Grant.
            x     Frank Oliveti In memory of his uncle Tony Oliveti who was manager of the Grand for many years!

Gerald and Joyce Palmer

x                 William Paul, Give a Sheet 2018

Thomas & Pamela Peterson

            x     Billy Petrella

Craig & Anita Petrella & James Kaufmann


Merica and Larry Petrella

              x   Photography by George Larry George - Auction Donation

Susanne M Porter

            x x x Vance J. Posey
        x x       Douglas Potts
        x   x     Charles M Pugliese and Thelma M Pugliese Charitable Foundation $10,000 Grant 2012 for Lobby Restoration, $25,000 Grant in 2014 for Front Facade Restoration.

Questers, Bazaleel Wells Chapter

      x         x

Questers, De He Wa Mis Chapter

x x   x         x

Janice G. Rainbolt, 2015 pipe organ donation.

  x               John Vernon Rainbolt II, pipe organ donation
          x       Florence & Duke Rakich
    x             Susan Rebich pipe organ sponsor.
              x   Rehab Plus - Art Auction Event Sponsorship
    x             Robert Recchie pipe organ sponsorship

Elmer & Kathleen Rensi


John & Marlene Rhueff

            x     Charles & Winnie Robbins

David H Robinson

        x         Connie Oliveti Robinson in memory of her late friend Catherine Barker Perrone, and her late sister Eleanor Oliveti Taglione

Rotary Steubenville


Susan Runkle


Reno & Patricia Saccoccia


St. Paul's Episcopal Church

              x   Saxon Jewelers - Auction Donation

William & Michelle Schaefer

              x   Signature Hair - Auction Donation
              x   Bess Simpson
              x   Smitty's Sportatorium - Auction Donation

Ronald & Dana Snider

x                 Louise Snider

Steubenville High School Class of 1955

                x Teresa Schiappa
          x       Robyn & Michael Shaheen
            x     Lidia Kontra Shiazza & Lynn Schiazza
x                 David and Paticia Skiviat give a sheet 2018
  x         x     Ashley Steele
x                 OH WV Sternwheelers Questers give-a-sheet
            x     Steubenville Plate Glass, Mr. Dallas Donation of Glass Repair to the Annex Storefront!
              x x

Steubenville Revitalization Group - Cash and Auction Donation

                x Cindy & Robert Sticker

Helen Straus

                  John and Sara Stutzman - Pipe organ Sponsor

Sun Country Communications J Coyle

x                 Gary and Lola Swanson
x                 Evelyn and Thomas Svokas give a sheet campaign 2018
x x x x           William and Barbara Sweeney - Pipe Organ donations and volunteer rebuilders.

Ron & Tammy

            xx x   Team Automotive Gary and Mark Teramana, Furnace and Chandelier 2011, Circus Sponsor 2012, Grand Night for Holiday Fashion Sponsor 2012.

Albert & Jill Teramana


Mike & Allison Thomas


Michael Tomeucci

              x   Toronto Apothecary - Auction Donation
  x         x Tri-State Financial Ken Perkins - Auction Donation, Art Auction Event Sponsor, pipe organ sponsor
              x   Tri-State Pharmacy - Auction Donation
            x x   TS Electric & IBEW - Steubenville Electrical Labor-Management Cooperation Committee - donation of electrical work in the Museum, Lobby and Office
              x   Two Brothers Dry Cleaning Tony Corella - Auction Donations

Jen Ulasiewicz Designs & Photography

  x x x x x x x x Upper Ohio Valley Music Guild
  x               Valley Converting Pipe organ sponsor
              x   Vapor Jet Tim Pestian - Auction Donation

Bill & Amanda Varner

          x       Anthony Vcelkh

Ruth Veigel

        x       x

Francesca Veltri

              x   Verizon - Auction Donation
              x   Village Sleep Center - Auction Donation, Art Auction Event Sponsor

Naida Viltro

            x x   Walmart Distribution Center Art Auction Sponsorship 2011, Circus Sponsor 2012

Jill Watkins

x                 Barbara and Richard Wells in memory of John Griesinger III give a sheet campaign
      x           Linda Wells Pipe Organ Sponsorship
              x   Wheeling Island Casino - Auction Donation
              x   Brian Williams & Patricia Fletcher - Auction Donation

Eva A. Williams

            x     Ray Williams
  x               Andrea and Justin Wolfe in memory of Millie Porreca, pipe organ sponsor
x                 Margaret Waits give a sheet
            x x  

Women's Club of Steubenville, 2012 Sponsor for the Grand Night for Holiday Fashion.

            x x x WTOV9 combination of in kind donations and cash donations, Art Auction Sponsorship 2011. Circus Sponsor 2012, Grand Night for Holiday Fashion Sponsor 2012.
              x   YC Construction - In Kind Drywall and Ceiling Repair Services in the Lobby
              x   YMCA Trinity - Auction Donation

Emily Yost

x                 Todd and Susan Zimmerman Give-a-Sheet Campaign